Friday, 6 September 2013

Croisière Burdigala

If you fancy being a tourist, why not head down to the Quai Richelieu and jump on a guided tour of the Garonne River? This boat trip that lasts an hour and a half is the perfect way to travel alongside the banks of the river and marvel at the beauty of Bordeaux. 

Going under the Pont de Pierre
With views of the stunning Place de la Bourse and its mirror of water opposite (miroir d’eau) which leads to a trip as far as the station and beyond via an unused bridge designed by Eiffel himself, you really do get a quick insight into the rich history of this city. The boat then does a u-turn and heads along the banks to the other end of town while a lovely guide tells you a bit about the sights you see around you. 

I’ve actually had the chance to do the trip twice at different times of the day, and I would say it was far better in daylight. Although delightfully romantic at night, the darkness renders much of the guiding useless as you cannot actually see what is being talked about. However, if you’re there just for a pretty boat ride, perhaps you won’t mind. 

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