Wednesday, 18 September 2013


4 Cours du 30 Juillet
The restaurant that every guide book in Bordeaux will tell you to visit is this famous little bistro that sits beside the impressive Grand Theatre. L’Entrecote’s charm is that they only have one dish; steak with salad and chips. It is not a concept that I’ve seen in England, where the only preference you can specify is the cooking of your meat and the colour of your wine, but this seems to work brilliantly in France.

The grand interior with mirrored walls juxtaposes in an intriguing way the bright yellow and green awnings outside that could easily signal a post-club burger bar. However, you may struggle to get a peek through the window as a result of the permanent queue that winds around the corner every evening. Even a visit at 10.30pm had us waiting for a good 20 minutes before we could get through the door.

The popularity means one thing; that the food is absolutely delicious, and it is. Reasonably priced wine, delicious steak cooked to perfection and so many chips that you can no longer see the white of your plate all make this restaurant an absolute must for anybody visiting the city. 
Queue around the corner!

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