Monday, 14 October 2013

La Plage

40 Quai de Paludate
If you want to forget your evening, then La Plage is the club for you. One of the biggest venues I have ever stepped into, La Plage is one of Bordeaux’s most notorious night clubs for young people who don’t start their night until 2am and then don’t want to remember it. Unfortunately, despite their 20,000 Facebook followers, I’m not a huge fan.

Getting there is the first issue, a minimum of 30 minutes walking and upon entering the door you are forced to hand in all of your belongings. Yes ladies, no handbags allowed. After paying an entry fee and buying a drink for 10euros which will inevitably be spilt all over you by an enthusiastic dancer, you then have a choice of 5 dance floors and various poles to swirl around. Losing your friends is a common occurrence.

Although I sound entirely negative about La Plage, it does provide for a merry night out. If you want to drink a lot and dance your socks off, it gives you exactly what you need. You are guaranteed to meet some interesting people and to find some music that suits. It’s not even that far away from the tram which you can sway into at 5.30am in the morning to get home. 
1 of 5 rooms!

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