Monday, 16 September 2013

The Houses of Parliament

Image: Magazine Voyage
If you want a taste of Britain that will make you forget that you are in France, then The Houses of Parliament is for you. The pub, located just off Place du Parlement, is beautifully British. English bar tenders (and one Polish), English writing on the wood-panelled walls and even a pub quiz in English as well, it is no wonder that both Brits missing home as well as French in search of an international evening love this pub equally.

The drinks aren’t as cheap as might be hoped, but the atmosphere is unrivalled. The Sunday pub quiz involves guessing the print on the bar tenders boxer shorts, and the prize is a minute behind the bar. (The winner last night pulled an impressive 10 pints simultaneously...) The Saturday disco playlist has you laughing as much as dancing and the choice of cocktails with R-rated names is fairly expansive.

Entertainment is easily found and there isn’t a shortage of good company either at this pub reminiscent of Blighty. The Houses of Parliament is not for the faint hearted however, expect to get drawn into the rowdy atmosphere and stay until last orders (which happen to be 2am on a Sunday night). 

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