Friday, 27 September 2013

Au Bouchon des Chartrons

52 Quai de Bacalan
I decided to venture past the newly renovated 'Hangers' and head to this tiny French restaurant on a recommendation from Tim, writer of Invisible Bordeaux. Not having a clue what to expect, it couldn’t have been a more suitable suggestion. The small restaurant is perfectly quintessentially French with its maroon coloured walls, wine bottles scattered everywhere (including already on the table) and attractive bearded waiters.

The food was sublime and presented beautifully. We were told that the menu changes every day depending on what the chef buys in the market and so were treated to a variety of original options. I chose the salmon and goats cheese and couldn’t have been happier, it was absolutely delicious and cleverly put together.

If you’re in the mood for a meal with a touch of charm then Au Bouchon des Chartrons is for you. Fantastic service, beautiful food and plentiful amounts of wine all come at a very fair price and the waiter even bought a jug of water the first time we asked; a very rare thing in Bordeaux. 

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