Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ibaia Café

Quai des Chartrons 
Most people who have visited Bordeaux will tell you that the main Quai is worth a visit. From the chic and recently renovated hangers at one end to the Place de la Bourse all the way towards the station, the Quai is the place to go for a view of the river. Ibaia Café is a swanky restaurant that sits right in the middle of the Quai’s hustle and bustle, allowing you to take in the view while nibbling on sweet potato fries and sipping a glass of Sauternes wine.

As the first restaurant I visited in Bordeaux, I was welcomed into a world of gourmet food and attractive bar staff from the onset. The menu is fairly limited, but the dishes are all well thought out and there are plenty of sharing options, especially for the starters. However, do not let this put you off, as the food that they do serve is delicious and a far cry from home cooked food. The puddings are particularly adventurous, one even incorporates candy floss, but their particularly generous Café Gourmet steals the show every time.

As darkness begins to fall, Ibaia Café turns up the music and the chic restaurant turns into a stylish bar. Strawberry Mojitos are to be drunk as you watch the world roller skate and cycle by from the safety of the covered restaurant. Although it’s not the cheapest dining option, it is definitely the perfect choice for anyone wanting to watch the world go by, while feeling particularly glamorous at the same time.  

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